The Strong Minds, Strong Mines wellness program provides awareness into the physical and mental health problems that can affect people working in remote environments.

We combine proven research with real-world experiences, along with a personal and relatable approach to what can often be a difficult and hard subject to address.

We aim to eradicate the stigma and discrimination that unfortunately continues to be associated with mental health. We assist companies to enhance their existing health and safety management system and ultimately improve workplace culture. Our proactive approach increases awareness and understanding, while focusing on prevention and early intervention.

Targeting social, physical and mental health, our program is tailored for onsite delivery during return to work, safety and or toolbox meetings.

Delivered via monthly digital presentations and with the assistance of your trained Wellness Champions, our dedicated monthly topics provide education and awareness training and a platform for open dialogue to increase social awareness and acceptance. Participants learn coping strategies and increase understanding of available support services to help with everyday life.


Please contact the Strong Minds, Strong Mines teams with any queries or for further information.

General enquiries

Soa Palelei
Wellness Ambassador
+61 451 010 015

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