Leaders training

Our training and learning resources provide leaders, wellness champions and employees with the tools and strategies needed, to talk about, and respond to, workplace physical and mental health problems and crises, resulting in a sustainable workplace culture of psychological health and wellbeing.

Once trained, leaders are able to identify the signs and symptoms that can affect physical and mental health at work, common risk factors and be able to recommend available support options.

Leaders training is designed to be delivered on or off site and can be split up into a number of training sessions to accommodate daily operations and site requirements. Typically, six hours in duration, the training will be delivered by our wellness team during site visits or as agreed.

Training will provide participants with an understanding of:

  • the factors that can impact on physical and mental health at work
  • managing discrimination and stigma
  • social health – the importance of human interaction and feeling connected
  • how stress can impact on overall health
  • where to seek assistance

They will learn:

  • how physical activity can benefit mental health
  • practical strategies to improve physical and mental health when working away from home
  • the framework to establish a wellness culture that everyone owns
Download the ‘Strong Minds, Strong Mines’ brochure