Whilst not everyone can be a qualified physical and mental health professional, almost everyone has been, or knows of someone that has been impacted by a physical or mental health problem in their lives.

Aimed at identifying and utilising team members that are resilient and passionate about the wellbeing of others, your Wellness Champions are critical to the success of the program.

Wellness Champions are used to create a sustainable wellness culture. Therefore, it is vital to actively appoint resources within your organisation to drive the program’s success and help direct workers to the applicable support services.

Champions will be provided with training, resources and on-going support from the wellness team. Ideally, your Champions will volunteer for the position, rather than be assigned to the role

The Wellness Champion role

  • Deliver toolbox presentations
  • Distribute physical and mental health information to new employees
  • Encourage people to share their own stories and experiences to “normalise” mental ill-health
  • Promote wellness campaigns such as R U OK Day, Movember and Mental Health Week.
  • Listen and provide direction to support services, both internal and external to your company.
  • Encourage participation in physical health and wellbeing components of Strong Minds, Strong Mines.
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